West Lancs Yacht Club

West Lancs Yacht Club

A huge thank you to Ormskirk Clock Tower Rotary club for inviting The Jukes back, yet again, to play for their annual Charter Evening celebration 🥳   (If we had known about the Pirates and sailors theme we would have worn costumes!)

We couldn’t remember whether this was this the fifth or the sixth time that they had booked us.  Either way, they made us extremely welcome, as always; filled the dance floor all evening and partied with gusto until after midnight.

A big thank you also goes to the lovely staff at West Lancashire Yacht Club who were very accommodating and helpful and sang our songs cheerfully as we packed all our instruments away well after midnight – “Rosanna, Rosanna!”

We were without the lovely Phill Orme on this occasion as he was in demand elsewhere, playing at a music festival in Finland. However,  we were fortunate to be joined by the versatile & fabulous Mal Price on guitars and vocals in Phill’s place.

While the Rotarians enjoyed their dinner we discovered that a bargain selfie stick can be almost as much fun as our rather more costly instruments!! 😄  Have a look at our little gallery.